A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"Mega Mighty Rush" is a platform game in a post-apocalyptic universe with an 8-bit retro look in which the focus is on the player's ability to control the character.
You will need a perfect timing to pass the obstacles placed at the pixel.

History :

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. At the dawn of the twenty-second century the world is only dust and the tiny life is enduring. Following the explosion of several H bombs, which darkened the world and created an electric cloud filled with radioactive particles that created unspeakable creatures from radiation. The man realized that it was no longer on the surface, it was deep, underground and formed several colonies, the names being based on the constellation. A generation of men and women were sheltered in the depths of the earth without worrying about the outside world. An orphaned young man named Elijah, who lived half of his life in the colony "Leonis", decided to leave her driven by the thirst for exploration. But the grand council made up of the elite of the colonies was opposed to such a departure.
Still resolved from Elijah became friends with smugglers from several colonies who were ready for anything to emancipate themselves from the dictatorship of the elite, at the risk of exposing themselves to unimaginable dangers.


Embody Elijah in this platform game you escape the colony "Leonis" while escaping the creatures. With its sound environment that gives a tone "stressful, speed, explosive". The game environment will immerse you in an 8-bit universe with a post-apo atmosphere. You will still need a little guts to meet the challenges of the game, to reach the various platforms because the focus is on the player's ability to control the character (Elijah)

*the game was created by seven FIRST-year game designer and that was a great experience. ( Thibault Dupre, Jules Rouault, Maxim Guth, Corentin Haag, Camille Peccard, Julian Lecheminant and Medhi Hurez)




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  • Double jump doesn't always work
  • You can't walk up slopes

This game is kinda hard from the start, burh.